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Lim Kit Siang

MIER trims GDP estimates as global economic slump bites

Posted: 12 Oct 2011 09:35 PM PDT

By Lee Wei Lian The Malaysian Insider Oct 13, 2011 KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 13 — The Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) cut to 4.6 per cent, from 5.2 per cent, its projection for the country's economic growth this year, citing a sliding global economy that it said could hurt exports. The government-funded MIER also [...]

Stemming the Malaysian exodus

Posted: 12 Oct 2011 05:25 PM PDT

— Douglas Tan The Malaysian Insider Oct 12, 2011 OCT 12 — Recently, YB Teresa Kok asked me, "Why are Malaysians so keen to leave this country? Life overseas is not necessarily easier!" I agree that life overseas is not necessarily so. In fact, my cousins living in Hong Kong, Singapore and London tell me [...]

Malaysia’s Old Economic Model

Posted: 12 Oct 2011 06:18 PM PDT

The government still offers handouts instead of reforms to woo voters. Wall Street Journal 12th Oct 2011 Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has unveiled a budget full of freebies designed to win over voters in the next general election, expected in the next six months. In the process, he is dashing expectations of economic reforms [...]

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