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Lim Kit Siang

DAP Dayak Consultative Council (DCC) formed

Posted: 20 Jul 2011 08:57 PM PDT

by Dr. John Brian Anthony Chairman DAP DCC On his visit on 11th of June to Sarawak, DAP Adviser Saudara Lim Kit Siang proposed the formation of a Dayak Brain Trust (DBT) which was discussed in this blog earlier. LKS vision for DBT is for it "to advise DAP Sarawak and DAP Malaysia on a [...]

Bersih 2.0 rally – a basketful of faux pas by BN Government, before during after and still ongoing!

Posted: 20 Jul 2011 08:55 PM PDT

If someone had been assigned beforehand to a special task to script the worst-possible scenarios for the Najib administration in relation to the July 9 Bersih 2.0 peaceful rally for fair and free elections, nobody could be so creative as to pre-plan the basketful of faux pas committed by the Barisan Nasional government before, during [...]

Use indelible ink for GE, not on the Economist

Posted: 20 Jul 2011 08:00 PM PDT

Malaysiakini Your Say | Jul 21, 11 ‘It would have been more beneficial if the ink was used to blank out racist hate articles in Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia.’ ‘Economist’ to investigate censored Bersih report Malaysian Born: Someone should get a message to Home Ministry Publications Control and Quranic Text Division secretary Abd Aziz Md Nor. [...]

Daddy’s letter brought tears to my eyes

Posted: 20 Jul 2011 07:55 PM PDT

Malaysiakini Your Say | Jul 21, 11 ‘My son asked what is Bersih and why people want to march? I told him I’m marching so that he does not have to do so in future.’ Why Daddy chose to stand with the crowd Anonymous 7: Well done, Da Huang Daddy. Your letter brought tears to [...]

Auntie Bersih: The arts my political awakening

Posted: 20 Jul 2011 07:51 PM PDT

By Nigel Aw | Jul 21, 11 Malaysiakini EXCLUSIVE When Anne Ooi arrived in Kuala Lumpur eight years ago, this Penangite was no political animal. But the move to the city centre was a pivotal change – climaxing in the events of July 9 – the day an iconic picture of ‘Auntie Bersih’ was captured. [...]

Applying Prospect Theory To Ending Affirmative Action

Posted: 20 Jul 2011 07:44 PM PDT

By M. Bakri Musa An insight of cognitive psychology (that sub-discipline dealing with mental processes like thinking and decision making) is that humans are far removed from the ideal of a rational self-interested Homo economicus (Economic man) when making decisions, contrary to the core assumption of traditional economics. Two factors weigh heavily when we make [...]

Kit Siang labels Najib, Hisham ‘instant jokes’ over Economist black-out

Posted: 20 Jul 2011 06:45 PM PDT

By Debra Chong The Malaysian Insider Jul 20, 2011 KUALA LUMPUR, July 20 – Putrajaya's decision to black-out portions of international magazine The Economist's latest issue has backfired on the prime minister and home minister who both are now the target of jokes worldwide, DAP leader Lim Kit Siang said today. The veteran opposition lawmaker [...]

Why Daddy chose to stand with the crowd

Posted: 20 Jul 2011 06:27 PM PDT

Da Huang Daddy | Jul 20, 11 Malaysiakini EYEWITNESS My dear daughter, Daddy told you this morning that I was travelling to work; in fact, I was travelling to Kuala Lumpur to participate with the so-called “bad” people, as the TV had labelled them. Early in the morning, after giving you a kiss while you [...]

The political impact of Bersih 2.0

Posted: 20 Jul 2011 07:51 AM PDT

By Johan Saravanamuttu Free Malaysia Today July 20, 2011 The BN is still haemorrhaging from the Sarawak state election of April 16, where it lost the urban vote. Bersih 2.0 shows a continuing slide. COMMENT The repercussions of Bersih 2.0 will no doubt be profound. It has already been dubbed as Malaysia's "Hibiscus Revolution". The [...]

Scorpene subs: The French edge closer to Najib

Posted: 20 Jul 2011 07:11 AM PDT

John Berthelsen Malaysiakini Jul 20, 11 The noose could be tightening on one of Malaysia’s greatest military procurement scandals, the US$1 billion purchase of French-built Scorpene submarines, commissioned by then-Defence Minister Najib Abdul Razak in 2002. The latest developments come at a time when Najib, as prime minister, toured Europe, meeting with Queen Elizabeth and [...]

Najib, the Queen and the Pope

Posted: 20 Jul 2011 06:37 AM PDT

By Luke Hunt The Diplomat July 19, 2011 Marrying the demands of international diplomacy with the political realities of home is a tough ask for most countries and their foreign ministries. The two can be a difficult fit, as Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has found out all too well. Some back home seem determined [...]

Bersih rally was 1Malaysia in action

Posted: 20 Jul 2011 12:47 AM PDT

Yin Ee Kiong | Jul 20, 11 Malaysiakini EYEWITNESS There’s light at the end of the tunnel and it is not from an on-coming train. Malaysians are slowly but surely emerging from the dark hole that we have been in for well over 40 years. I am once again confident of our country’s future; recent [...]

Utusan hitting the streets with blacked-ou​t headlines, blotches of black and full pages in black if it gets “Economist​” treatment from Home Ministry

Posted: 20 Jul 2011 12:29 AM PDT

The UMNO official organ, Utusan Malaysia, will be hitting the newsstands every day with blacked-out headlines in front or inside pages, blotches of black or even full pages in black if it is given the Economist treatment by Home Ministry "censoring incorrect and misleading information". And what a sight it would be! This is because [...]

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