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Lim Kit Siang

Power subsidies: Their mistakes, our liabilities

Posted: 25 May 2011 11:17 PM PDT

Malaysiakini Your Say | May 26, 11 ‘I doubt anything substantial will come out of the re-negotiation as the IPPs and Umno are sitting on the same side of the table.’ Transparency of IPP contracts ‘long overdue’ Kgen: The lopsided IPP (independent power producer) agreements are the result of Dr Mahathir Mohamad forcing TNB (Tenaga [...]

IPPs: A case of the poor subsiding the rich

Posted: 25 May 2011 11:14 PM PDT

Malaysiakini Your Say | May 26, 11 ‘Why is it that one minister called it ‘subsidy’ but another minister said it is not. This is ridiculous BN ways at work.’ Chin’s ‘savings, not subsidy’ remark shocks DAP Onyourtoes: I think both Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Peter [...]

Make lists of scholarship recipients public

Posted: 25 May 2011 11:15 PM PDT

Malaysiakini Vox Populi | May 26, 11 ‘Then there will be no arguments as to the veracity of the selection process. Until that is done, there will be quarters that won’t trust nor believe PSD.’ Abolish PSD’s racial quotas, urge NGOs WangMalaysia: More than 8,800 students getting 9A+. Malaysia has loads of talent! I remember [...]

Longing For A Free Mind (Part 12 of 14)

Posted: 25 May 2011 08:11 PM PDT

By M. Bakri Musa Q& A (Cont'd): Pakatan, UMNO, and Mahathir Q4: Pakatan declared that it will take away Malay special privileges. Why should I vote for that coalition? A4: Your greatest fear, and reason for not voting Pakatan, is the possible loss of your special privileges. Thanks to the agitations of leaders from the [...]

MCA – Heartless, Soulless, Hopeless

Posted: 25 May 2011 08:08 PM PDT

Tweets exchange:- limkitsiang – 8.04am I hope that one day I can return – John Malachi (TMI) limkitsiang – 8.08am Cry of a Msian – “as I write this in tears 2nite, I hope that 1 day I can return ..2do what I was doing b4 I left” giamsk – 8.10am Voice of [...]

I hope that one day I can return

Posted: 25 May 2011 05:03 PM PDT

John Malachi The Malaysian Insider May 25, 2011 MAY 25 — I am a Malaysian living abroad. I graduated as a doctor in Australia and went back to Malaysia in the early 1990s. From the first day I started working in Malaysia until the day I left, I have worked all the 15 and a [...]

Talking Malay on false premises

Posted: 25 May 2011 08:21 AM PDT

Sakmongkol AK47 The Malaysian Insider May 25, 2011 MAY 25 — Let us demolish one pet belief of Umno people and those who think they speak for Umno. It’s time for the real Malay to speak for the Malay. Where have the real Malays gone? How can we force ourselves to suffer fools by allowing [...]

Why I left for our ‘poorer’ neighbour

Posted: 25 May 2011 07:35 AM PDT

E The Malaysian Insider May 25, 2011 MAY 25 — Contrary to most Malaysians who work overseas, I chose a less popular destination. I have been based in Jakarta for the past year and a bit. Most people look down on Indonesia as the poorer neighbour, much like the way Singapore looks at us. However, [...]

Yemen: Sanaa sees third day of Hashid clashes

Posted: 25 May 2011 07:18 AM PDT

BBC 25 May 2011 Clashes between the Hashid tribe and government forces have continued since Monday Street battles between Yemeni security forces and the country’s most powerful tribal federation are continuing for a third day in the capital, Sanaa. At least 44 people have died in the clashes, which began after forces loyal to President [...]

I am Malaysia

Posted: 25 May 2011 03:05 AM PDT

By Zhin | May 25, 2011 The Malaysian Insider MAY 25 — I choose to stay in Malaysia because I cannot "escape" the Malaysia that is in me. Malaysia is what I make of it, so staying put when everything looks like it is going against my interests has required me to internalise my Malaysian [...]

Time to stand up and be heard

Posted: 25 May 2011 03:00 AM PDT

By CY | May 25, 2011 The Malaysian Insider MAY 25 — I actually returned to Malaysia after around 18 years overseas in the United Kingdom. I am originally from the peninsula but have now lived in East Malaysia for the last one and a half years. Malaysia is in some ways still a land [...]

To call or not to call, that is the question

Posted: 25 May 2011 02:57 AM PDT

By Zairil Khir Johari | May 25, 2011 The Malaysian Insider MAY 25 — The Malaysian political scene is living on frayed nerves right now. Every plan, strategy or decision has to take into account the possibility of an election that may be called at any time. Even holiday plans cannot be made. There are [...]

10 Days in May (32)

Posted: 25 May 2011 02:23 AM PDT

Tweets @limkitsiang:- TBH RCI – Does MACC accept this fact instead of wanting 2do a OJSimpson criminal trial Teoh's death IS abt MACC (TMI) If TBH RCI cannot restore public confidence in MACC, w Sarbani MACC-fall-from-height death, radical measures needed in anti-corruption fight Two options – 1 major shakeup of MACC n appoint new [...]

Minister: Fuel prices to stay, for now

Posted: 25 May 2011 02:05 AM PDT

By Kuek Ser Kuang Keng | May 25, 11 Malaysiakini The government will maintain petrol, diesel and liquified petroluem gas (LPG) prices for now, said Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism Minister Ismail Sabri. This was decided by cabinet earlier this morning, said Ismail (left) during a press conference at about 3.45pm today. “This decision was [...]

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