Lim Kit Siang

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Lim Kit Siang

Sarawak Elections 2011 – Change or transformation?

Posted: 13 Apr 2011 12:21 PM PDT

by Chris Anthony Dawn of a new Sarawak for all Come April 16,2011 our fellow Malaysians in Sarawak will go to the ballots to choose their state government for the next five years. This tenth state election is an important one for both BN and PR as the results may determine their fate at the [...]

DAP releases postal vote tampering video

Posted: 13 Apr 2011 02:48 AM PDT

By Sheridan Mahavera SIBU, April 13 — DAP released a video clip purportedly showing four women handing over their postal votes to a man at Wisma Sanyan here yesterday. The one minute clip shows a be-spectacled man receiving what looked like postal ballot papers from four women who had just picked them up from the [...]

PM’s Sandiwara in Sarawak!

Posted: 13 Apr 2011 01:50 AM PDT

By Martin Jalleh The PM has excused himself from his duties in Putrajaya (at the taxpayer's expense of course) and planted himself in Sarawak for six days till polling day to give the BN campaign a much-needed push. He seems to be panicking for he has asked the whole Cabinet to park themselves in the [...]

Wind of Change blowing strong and hard in Sarawak –Sarawakians should write “416” in golden letters on Saturday as latest addition to the political lexicon of numbers of “520”, “308” and ”516” as powerful symbols in the quest for political change in Malaysia

Posted: 13 Apr 2011 12:01 AM PDT

The wind of change is blowing strong and hard in Sarawak. In Kuching, Sibu, Bintangor, Sarikei, Bintulu and particularly Miri as well as all over the state, there can be no mistaking the deep and powerful yearning of the Sarawakians for political change. I am particularly impressed by the awakening of the people of Miri, [...]

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