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Lim Guan Eng

Let us not steal our children’s future but give them hope, teach them love and build their confidence that they can be as good as they want and not be inferior or left behind merely on account of the colour of their skin.

Posted: 26 Apr 2011 10:18 PM PDT

Let us not steal our children's future but give them hope, teach them love and build their confidence that they can be as good as they want and not be inferior or left behind merely on account of the colour of their skin.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin should read in full my 2011 Penang Easter Message and not be misled by lies spread by an UMNO blog run by an UMNO leader. I enclose herewith the relevant excerpt of my Easter Message:-

"…We need to change. Change for the better. To change is difficult but not to change is fatal. We need a change of mindset of treating every Malaysian as facing common problems and aspirations. We must celebrate our differences and our diversity.

We should move away from the mindtrap of fear based on hate, racism, extremism. We should not be taught to fear diversity. We should not be brainwashed with Hitlerian ideas that one is superior to another merely because of the colour of our skin.

We must have the courage to change.

Malaysians are ready to embrace change; change for the better. Malaysians no longer want to live under a situation where freedom is curtailed, human rights infringed, and abuse of power, corruption and mismanagement are rampant.

In the recent Sarawak state election, Sarawakians have decided that enough is enough. Sarawakians want good governance, end to corrupton, empowered by democracy, equal opportunity and justice for all.

Just as Easter signifies a renewal of life, Faith, hope and love can drive home a victory against ignorance, fear and oppression."(end of message)

Is it wrong to oppose Hitler or Hilterian areas of racial supremacy or dominance? I challenge any BN politician to state where in the Malaysian Federal Constitution supports or permits racial supremacy or dominance.

DAP and the PR state government opposes any form of racial supremacy or dominance, whether it is Chinese supremacy, Indian supremacy or Malay supremacy. We only believe in the supremacy of the rakyat and the people.

I reiterate that we should give our children hope, teach them love and build their confidence that they can be as good as they want and not be inferior or left behind merely on account of the colour of their skin.

Malaysians despair when some politicians tell our children that they can never be good enough, that they need special rights and favours to survive just because of the colour of their skin. How do we build up a child's confidence if we instil this sense of inferiority that they need special assistance, especially when this special assistance never comes?

Malaysian parents are also anguished that no matter how well their child performs, he will never be chosen and rewarded on account of the colour of their skin. How do you explain to your little girl why she can not get a place into a premier institution even though she scores good results?

There is nothing so cruel as to steal a child's future. There is nothing so soul-destroying as to deny a child the opportunity to realise his or her full potential.

I believe that every Malaysian child whether Malay, Chinese and Indian, Iban or Kadazan can be the best and compete against the world. We must encourage everyone to strive the hardest and do their best. Then only can our country progress.

Have we not learnt our lessons for failing to harness our human talents and tapping their expertise? Do we want to see more Malaysians migrating as more than 2 million have done so since 1957? Increasingly more and more professional Malays are leaving.

Look at the success of Singapore in surpassing Malaysia for the first time in 2010 as the 3rd largest economy in ASEAN after Indonesia and Thailand. Despite having no resources, Singapoare GDP this year as grown to US$210 billion compared to Malaysia's US$205 billion.

Malaysia is 478 times the size of the republic and its population, at 27 million, 5 times larger than its tiny neighbour's 4.8 million. Can Malaysia catch up when Singapore's GDP per capita was US$36,537 (up from US$512 in 1965) compared with Malaysia's US$ 6,975 (US$ 335 in 1965)?

We can if we start building human talent and retaining them. We must give hope that our children can live better than their parents. Let us inspire hope by stressing on performance not privilege, expertise not entitlement and integrity not corruption.

Let us be bonded by our common aspirations for justice, freedom, truth, democracy and social welfare for the weak and poor. Let us build a future for our children to live in a cleaner, greener and smarter Malaysia.

MCA Would Claw Back Lost Electoral Support If He Can Pluck Up 10% Of His Bravery In Fighting DAP To Fight BN’s Corruption And Cronyism And UMNO’s Racist Policies As Such As 1Melayu, 1 Bumi.

Posted: 26 Apr 2011 09:35 PM PDT

MCA President Chua Soi Lek would claw back MCA's lost electoral support if he is can pluck up 10% of his bravery in fighting DAP to fight BN's cronyism, and corruption as well as UMNO's racist policies such as 1Melayu, 1Bumi. DAP does not see Chua's enthusiasm or courage in fighting corruption, cronyism or racist policies of 1Melayu,1 bumi in the same emotional manner as he fights DAP with self-contradictory slogans of 'Chinese should not be fighting Chinese'.

By also claiming that the DAP's participation in election and victories against MCA will result in reduced Chinese representation in the Government, Chua Soi Lek has revealed that his party is unable to comprehend the basic nature of democracy. Not only that, he is also disrespecting the right of voters to choose the best representative for themselves, regardless of race.

The DAP rejects the philosophy of race-based politics, and strongly believes that elections should not be racialised. Unlike the MCA, the DAP believes that elections empower voters to exercise their democratic rights to choose representatives based on the principles of justice, truth, freedom and good governance. Elections is about democracy not about race; it is about choosing the best candidate who can best serve and represent voters not about race; it is about whose policies promotes justice, freedom and truth not about race.

It is a fact that the DAP does not only field Chinese candidates. We have the highest number of Indian elected representatives from any party in the country, even more than the MIC. We have also fielded candidates of every culture and creed, because the topmost priority for us when it comes to candidate selection is character, qualification and principles, not race.

By Chua's perverted logic of elections as "Chinese should not fight Chinese", MCA should not be fielding any candidates in Penang because as he knows, the Chief Minister of Penang is a Chinese. Based on his logic, since Chinese should not fight Chinese, then MCA should not contest against DAP's Chinese candidates. When I challenged Chua Soi Lek to practice what he preaches by applying the same logic of "Chinese should not be fighting Chinese" on himself and MCA, Chua claims that DAP wants a monopoly of power.

However, DAP has never used the "Chinese should not fight Chinese" card against MCA because we believe we are all Malaysians who should see problems as Malaysian problems common to all and not as a Chinese or a Malay problem.

As for calling the SUPP to withdraw from the Sarawak State Government because their Chinese candidates suffered huge losses, former MCA President Datuk Ong Tee Keat has exposed Chua's double-standards by asking why Chua fails to use his power as MCA President, to order MCA Ministers to withdraw from Cabinet or direct its sole assemblyman in Negri Sembilan and Perak to withdraw from the respective State Exco. To-date Chua has not dared to respond to Ong.

Chua should conserve his energies to oppose crony projects such as the nearly RM37 billion MRT projects without open tender. Or even the latest 1Malaysia free email which was supposed to be free but yet not free as the government has to pay 50 cents for each email sent. Chua should also energetically question the RM52 billion bumi shares share scandal and the RM888 billion of illicit or corruption money illegally siphoned off from Malaysia over 9 years.

Better still Chua should focus his party's full energies to insist that Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin withdraw support and condemns the 1 Melayu 1 bumi movement propagated by UMNO's paper Utusan Malaysia, as contrary to 1 Malaysia. Or does Chua only dare to attack the DAP but not UMNO's top leaders when UMNO leaders are wrong for following racial and extremist policies?

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