My journey - Wong Hon Wai 黃漢偉

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My journey - Wong Hon Wai 黃漢偉

10 Accomplishments as State Assemblyman of Air Itam

Posted: 05 Mar 2011 08:40 AM PST

It is now my third year serving as the State Assemblyman for Air Itam.
As I have blogged and maintained a facebook, it is not too difficult to summarize what I have done from March 2010 to March 2011 as the elected representative of Air Itam.

This list is for the work done related to Air Itam.

1. Running a busy service center.
My service center operates around the clock. Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (except for Public Holiday). I have religiously followed the weekly schedule every Tuesday 8pm to 10pm to meet the peoples at my service center.

I moved to a new place which is next door in May 2010 but we continue our service uninterrupted.

2. Running an effective voters registration campaign helping and empowering the young voters to participate in the democratic process

The Air Itam DAP Voters registration team have conducted over 60 time of voters registration campaign for the past one year and assisted more than 4000 peoples to register as voters. We have weekly registration campaign at the night market and shopping mall.

3. Care for the elderly
(a) My Service team have assisted the registration and distribution of money to more than 4500 senior citizens in the State Government Senior Citizens Appreciation Programme.

(b) Besides this, I also allocate fund for small project which is senior-citizens friendly that is setting up stainless steel handle at the staircase near Tua Peh Kong temple, Air Itam.

(c) My service team have also visited the old folks home namely the Little Sisters of the Poor and Silver Jubilee Home to show our care and support for the old folks.

4. Creating a Reading Society
(a) I have worked with a local newspaper (Sin Chew Daily) for books donation campaign to the Penang State Library. The response is overwhelming and we have received more than 5000 books from the general public. This exercise has increased the book collection of the Chinese Section of the State Library.

(b) I have also utilized my allocation fund to sponsor and to distribute 200 new books of "My Old Penang" by a local author to the schools and NGOs in Penang. I wish that more local authors can write about local history to supplement our official history books.

5. Infrastructure project in Air Itam
I have initiated 20 small projects in Air Itam namely resurface the road, repair the drainage, widen the road etc.

i: mengetar Jalan Belakang di Tingkat Lembah Ria 3.
ii:Meningkatkan bahagian parit di hadapan Rumah 35O, Medan Chor Sin Kheng
iii:Membaiki Parit di tepi Tembok Jalan masuk ke Chinese Methodist Church
iv: Membekal dan memasang Guardrail dan bina tembok penahan konkrit di Jalan Kampung Pisang.
v: Melebarkan Jalan kampung di Kampung Bukit Paya Terubong
vi: Mencantas pokok di Lebuharaya Thean teik, Kampung Pisang dan Jalan Paya Terubong
vii: Membina slab konkrit dan railing untuk laluan pejalan kaki di SJK (C) Chung Hwa A.
viii: Mengetar Kawasan Berhadapan Pintu Masuk ke SJK(C) Kong Min Pusat
ix: Membaiki Parit di lorong Belakang Lorong Zoo 4.
x: Menurap semula lorong di belakang pasar Air Itam
xi: Menurap semula lorong belakang di belakang Rumah 606-606O dan 608-608G Jalan paya Terubong
xii: Mengetar Kawasan Lapang Bersebelahan SK Batu Lanchang
xiii: Side Line Enhancement project untuk tokong tua peh Kong, Air Itam
xiv: Mengetar jalan Kampung Taman Kennedy-Lorong Batu Lanchang
xv:Memperbaiki parit di Jalan Ulung, Air Itam
xvi:Membina pejabat baru untuk penduduk di Taman Sri Timur
xvii: Menurap Jalan Batu Jantan yang berlubang-lubang
xviii: Membaiki manhole penutup najis di Blok A dan B Kampung Melayu
xvix: Mengganti paip hujan di Flat Kampung Melayu
xx: Mengganti semula pendawaian elektrik di Flat Kampung Melayu

6. Arts and Cultural activities
(a) I oversee and take charge of two major arts and cultural events in Penang namely Chinese New Year Cultural and Heritage Celebration in February and George Town Festival in July.

(b) Besides these two major functions, I also introduced the following arts and cultural activities in Air Itam namely
Taiwan Puppet Show - Feb 2010
Pesta Tanglung - October 2010
Malam Kesenian Kampung Melayu - Oktober 2010
Malam Deepavali - Nov 2010.

All of these activities received overwhelming support from all the communities in Air Itam.

(c) I have worked with Kek Lok Si and MPPP Lanscape Committee to install red lantern along the Jalan Air itam and Air Itam roundabout. This has enhance the landscape and festive mood during Chinese New Year.

7. Education
(a) I contributed ideas as a committee member of the Penang State Government Chinese Schools Coordination Committee.

(b) I visited schools in my constituency and recommended to the State Government on the needs and priority for the schools. The State Government has approved allocation to 8 schools in Air Itam.

8. Traffic Arrangement in Air Itam
(a) It is a undisputed fact that the traffic condition in Pekan Air itam during festive season (especially Chinese New Year) has improved.

(b) I have worked with MPPP and Police to improve the traffic flow in Kampung Bharu, Air Itam. Traffic light in Kampung Bharu has been removed. This has improve the traffic coming from Air Itam and Farlim towards Town. On the other hand, a new pedestrian traffic light was installed. This will enhance the safety of the pedestrian crossing the road to Pasar Kampung Bharu.

9. Housing
(a) I have worked with the white-knight to rescue the abandoned housing project - Taman Cemerlang at Lebuhraya Thean Teik and assisted a few hundred purchasers and squatters.

(b) I have advised and assisted many squatters, tenants and house owners on the housing related issues be it eviction, auction, compensation etc especially for the residents in Air Itam namely Jalan Zoo, Lorong Batu Lanchang, Savoy Garden and Taman Sri Melati.

(c) I have assisted a few dozens poor families to relocate to the refurbished unit of Rifle Range Flats.

(d) As a legislator, I also spearhead the effort to introduce the Penang Housing Board Bill and it was passed in the Penang State Assembly in November 2010.

10. Personal Integrity
In the year 2009, I bought a house with the price of RM600,000. I took up 30 years loan and jointly financed by my parents, my wife and my own savings.

Other than that, I owned an apartment unit which I purchased in year 1999 and fully settled the loan sometime in 2005. The price is probably 120K now.

The vehicle I am owning is a 10 years old Proton Wira. The insurance company said it is probably 13K in value. I also have 4 bicycles (1 adult, 3 for kids) and the estimated total value is RM1000.

I don't own any stocks and I keep my Income Tax record up to date and paid my taxes.

The purchase of my property has become news, but it simply reaffirmed that I lead an honest life.

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