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Lim Kit Siang

A clarion call to the Christians in Malaysia

Posted: 10 Mar 2011 06:41 PM PST

By Thomas Lee Enough is enough! The usually docile, meek and temperate Christian community in Malaysia has had enough, and has exploded in anger over what they perceive as their human, civil and constitutional rights being denied and rendered illusory, with the latest seizure of 30,000 Malay Bibles from the Kuching Port in Sarawak. Several [...]

Education in multicultural Malaysia

Posted: 10 Mar 2011 03:55 PM PST

by Azly Rahman Malaysiakini Mar 9, 11 Q: Being a multicultural society that Malaysia is, how should our education system be designed? Or, should it be designed at all? A: Education is a deliberate attempt to construct human beings who will participate in society as productive citizens. The question whether our education system should be [...]

M’sia lost RM135.3 bil in illicit outflow

Posted: 10 Mar 2011 03:37 AM PST

Malaysiakini Mar 10, 11 Malaysia recorded RM135.3 billion in errors and omissions (E&O) in its outflow funds for the period 2000 to 2009. Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said considering the huge amount of trade transactions with the rest of the world as well as the lack of data for specific goods due to statistical [...]

Dissecting BN’s twin wins in by-election

Posted: 10 Mar 2011 02:41 AM PST

By Ong Kian Ming Malaysiakini Mar 10, 11 What can we make of the Merlimau and Kerdau by-elections four days after the results were announced? The results were not surprising. Most analysts, including me, had predicted that the BN would win by a bigger majority in both seats. My prediction of a 4,000-vote majority for [...]

Christians say fed up with Najib administration

Posted: 10 Mar 2011 12:39 AM PST

By Debra Chong The Malaysian Insider March 10, 2011 KUALA LUMPUR, March 10 — Christians in Malaysia say they are angry and fed-up with the Najib government for what they see as a systematic move to deny their religious rights enshrined in the country's highest law. Spurred by the Home Ministry's latest seizure of 30,000 [...]

‘Malaysia’: What’s in a name?

Posted: 10 Mar 2011 12:15 AM PST

by Clive S. Kessler The Malaysian Insider Mar 10, 2011 MARCH 10 — "What's in a name?" asks Shakespeare's Juliet. "That which we call a rose," she avers, "by any other name would smell as sweet." Likewise, "Malaysia." So what is in a name, and behind this one? In a recent blog post (Semenanjung Tanah [...]

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