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Lim Guan Eng

The Education Ministry’s latest circular to warn school principals and teachers against making racist remarks is irrelevant

Posted: 06 Sep 2010 01:33 AM PDT

The Education Ministry's latest circular to warn school principals and teachers against making racist remarks is irrelevant as it fails to address the real problems. Blaming the principals and teachers is merely an act of finding a scapegoat.

In the news today, the Education Ministry's Director-General Tan Sri Alimuddin Mohd Dom was reported to have issued a circular dated August 26, 2010 that warned action would be taken against those who made racist remarks.

By issuing the circular, it shows that something is seriously wrong with our education system. The principals, teachers and other school staff should already know a long time ago, even on the first day on their job that uttering racist remarks is wrong, illegal and against the basic principles of their vocation. It is such a shameful situation where teachers have to be reminded that racism is both wrong and bad. What will the students think?

We have high hopes on our school principals and teachers. They are teaching our children to be good and responsible citizens. After 53 years of Merdeka, is this our education system's greatest achievement?

If any circular or a warning were to be issued, it should be directed to UMNO, in particular to its Deputy President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who is also both Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister for failing to act and even condoning such racist remarks. UMNO leaders should refrain from racist politics before pointing fingers to others.

The buck should stop at Tan Sri Muhyiddin. If Muhyiddin continues to tolerate racist.

behaviour among UMNO leaders and members, it is not surprising that it has infected the civil service, including school principals and teachers. Stern actions must be taken to resolve this problem.

How can you reward the good if you can't punish the bad? If millions of our children and young people are learning that crime does pay, that you can get away with doing bad things; I fear for our future generation.

Muhyiddin should stop playing politics and seriously think of the impact on our multiracial country. Racism is beyond party politics; it is a cancer that can destroy all of us, regardless of one's creed, colour and class.

Say No to Racism!

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