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Charles Santiago

Housebuyers urge Selangor government to probe developer for CBT

Posted: 18 Aug 2010 03:22 AM PDT

Source: Free Malaysia Today

Wed, 18 Aug 2010 15:07

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By G Vinod

SHAH ALAM: Klang MP Charles Santiago, together with two house buyers, today submitted a memorandum to the Selangor state government, urging it to investigate a possible case of breach of trust involving Kumpulan Hartanah Selangor Bhd (KHSB).

Brisdale Holdings, the-then subsidiary of KHSB, had promised to compensate housebuyers on its township project in Bandar Armada Putra for its delays but it failed to do so after being wound up in 2008.

"It all started when the housing project started in 1997. It was to be completed in 1999 but was only finished in 2007," said Lim Lark Sai who was one of the buyers.

"The developer, Brisdale agreed to compensate the buyers 10 percent of the purchase price on an annual basis until the project is completed."

However, the buyers were shortchanged after the company was wound up in April 2008, leaving them with no avenues to seek compensation.

"It was first sold to GMB Constructions Sdn Bhd in 2007. When the buyers went to the company, it only had some secretarial service in its office."

GMB then sold Brisdale to Salient Wizard on April 2008 and it (Brisdale) was subsequently wound up, leaving the buyers in a lurch.

"Even my lawyers gave up as you cannot claim compensation from a company that is already declared bankrupt," said Lim.

Another buyer, K Ravindran said the entire fiasco almost brought him into financial ruin.

"I paid between RM500 to RM600 to the bank monthly for the house I purchased in 1997. As the project was not completed, I stayed in a rented house and had to fork out an additional RM800 monthly."

"I had to borrow money from friends and family in order to sustain myself in that eight years. I was almost declared a bankrupt by the court. Now I have lost even my savings," he lamented.

State sanctioned developer

Ravindran added that he agreed to buy a house in the township as the developer (Brisdale) was a state-owned company.

"I believed in the project as it was run by a state-owned developer but I was cheated."

Santiago said KHSB should be held responsible as it was the parent company of Brisdale when the project was first mooted.

"I believe there is an element of corruption in the entire process. For example, Brisdale was bought by GMB for RM50,000 but Brisdale’s OUG club-house itself is worth RM7 million! How can you buy the parent company for such a cheap price?" asked the DAP leader.

He then criticised KSHB for being only interested in making money rather than providing comfortable housing for its buyers.

"Instead of offering a comfortable living for its residents, it has only made them poorer. KHSB should be investigated and action should be taken against it if it is found guilty," said Santiago.

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