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Lim Guan Eng

Urge BN And UMNO Leaders To Throw Your Lies And Hate At Me But Please Leave My School-going Children Alone! (en/cn)

Posted: 27 Jan 2012 07:22 PM PST

My family and I are upset at the statement made by Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in Sibu yesterday, dragging my daughter into his latest spin that the National Service (NS) training programme is now widely accepted and trusted by parents for the positive effect it has on their children. Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid claimed that both my father and me had seen how my daughter had changed for the better after attending the programme in Balik Pulau NS camp in Penang.

This is untrue. My daughter is a good kid and is the same before and after joining the NS Camp. Both my father and I had never told the Defence Minister as claimed by him and neither had we thanked him for it.

My daughter was selected to join the NS Camp for the 2008-9 session and she had duly complied. We have never talked about my daughter's experiences, good or bad in NS, because she is still under 21 and a student who is not involved in politics.

My family and I love our daughter and want to protect her privacy. We have shielded her from the glare of publicity so that she can grow up and enjoy life with her friends as a normal kid. We hope that Datuk Seri Ahmad can respect my daughter's privacy and not drag her into his political games to justify the NS programme.

If children of politicians venture into public life involving public interest, then they are subject to public scrutiny. However for BN leaders to try to use my children as political capital to boost BN when they are still studying and not involved in public life is wrong and regrettable.

This is not the first time that my children have been unfairly targeted by BN and UMNO leaders. Last year, my 15 year old son was defamed by UMNO leaders and UMNO Online for sexually molesting his classmate and that I have to pay RM200,000 to cover-up the scandal and transfer my son to another school. A picture of the alleged girl victim of my son was even put up by the UMNO blogs.

This cruel and barbaric lie by UMNO against my minor son was quickly exposed when the picture of the girl victim was discovered to be a fake and belonged to a Hong Kong chess grandmaster who had never met me or my son. So far no UMNO leaders had apologised to my son and me for this vicious lie that had caused my son to miss school for 2 days.

I urge UMNO and BN leaders to throw your lies at me if you must but please leave my children alone. They are still studying and are not in politics. By continuing to drag my children with lies or misrepresentation, is an act of desperation that shows their lack of moral values and absence of ethical judgment. Have BN and UMNO leaders run of ideas and ideals that their only political capital is to preach lies and hate not only against PR leaders but also at our children?

Lim Guan Eng

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这已经不是第一次,我的孩子不公平地成为国阵和巫统领袖的箭靶。去年,我15岁的儿子被巫统领袖及UMNO Online诬蔑,指他性侵同学,我付了20万令吉的遮口费并安排他转校。巫统甚至上载了一张女生的照片,诬指照片中的女生就是遭我儿子性侵的受害者。




Penang Hopes That the RM4 billion High-Tech and Solar Energy Investments by Ibiden and Robert Bosch Solar Will Be Included in the 2011 December Investment Figures (en/cn)

Posted: 27 Jan 2012 07:39 PM PST

Penang hopes that the RM4 billion high-tech and solar energy investment by Ibiden and Robert Bosch Solar will be included in the 2011 December investment figures. So whilst the statement made by International Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir of a drop in investment compared to last year is correct, the final analysis can only be made when the December investment figure are tabulated.

In May 2011, the Penang State Government announced that Penang is targeting to achieve RM6.1 billion investments for 2011. Penang recorded its highest ever investment figures of RM 12.2 billion in 2010 topping the investment charts for the first time in history in Malaysia. A lower figure has been set to attract high value-added, high-tech, knowledge based companies that engender high-income, technology transfer and innovative industries.

Up to November 2011, Penang stood at RM6 billion in investments achieving the target of RM6.1 billion set. At the same time, there is a need to “digest” (consolidate) the record investments in 2010 so that the workers and skills shortage engendered does not overspill and damage the industry.

Penang hopes that the RM4 billion high-tech and solar energy investments by Ibiden and Robert Bosch Solar will be included into last year's investment figures which will then put Penang's investment at RM10 billion.

According to the recent report by investment and research firm Tholons on the 2012 Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations in the world, Penang has moved up 2 notches from 79 to 77 in ranking. The state government hopes to attract more of BPO and other preferred industries such medical, aerospace, LED and photovoltaic into Penang for 2012.

Lim Guan Eng









Lawatan ke Tapak Pembakaran Jalan Pantai

Posted: 27 Jan 2012 07:31 PM PST

Kenyataan Akhbar Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guan Eng di Komtar, George Town Pada 27.1.2012

Saya merujuk kepada lawatan saya ke tapak pembakaran sepanjang Jalan Pantai, Butterworth bersebelahan dengan stesen bas sementara Penang Sentral, di mana 25 gerai dibakar semalam. Pagi ini semasa membuat lawatan saya telah menyatakan bahawa saya akan mempertimbangkan bantuan kewangan kepada mangsa peniaga dan meminta mereka bekerjasama dengan Pejabat Daerah dan MPSP dengan memberikan maklumat.

Oleh kerana tapak yang dibakar adalah tapak perniagaan maka mangsa peniaga tidak layak menerima bantuan Tabung TYT Pulau Pinang, yang dikhususkan hanya untuk mangsa-mangsa yang kehilangan rumah kediaman. Apa-apa pemberian Tabung TYT untuk mangsa perniagaan yang kehilangan gerai sepertimana yang berlaku di Jalan Pantai adalah melanggari peraturan yang ditetapkan.

Untuk membantu mangsa-mangsa perniagaan ini,saya bersedia menggunakan peruntukan saya sendiri tetapi perlu mendapatkan maklumat demi memastikan mereka adalah rakyat Malaysia. Kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang tidak mahu memberikan bantuan kepada yang tidak layak menerimanya, kerana difahami ada ramai peniaga di sana daripada negara asing. Saya kesal bahawa ada pihak tertentu yang cuba memutar-belitkan kenyataan saya tidak akan memberikan bantuan kewangan kepada orang asing sebagai enggan membantu mangsa peniaga tempatan tertentu.


Only Economic Policies That Are Clean, Fair, Competitive And Improves The Well-being Of The People As Well As Attract Back Talented Malaysians Can Help Transform Malaysia Into A High-Income Nation Enjoyed By All(en/cn).

Posted: 27 Jan 2012 07:24 PM PST

The time has come to implement economic policies that are clean, fair, competitive and improves the well-being of the people as well as attract back talented Malaysians that can help transform Malaysia into a high-income nation enjoyed by all. What better time than the year of the water dragon to initiate such changes so that the coming general elections marks the new beginning that would be enjoyed by all Malaysians rich and poor by 2020.

Present policies which are corrupt, opaque with no open tenders and benefits only certain cronies would only bring Malaysia backwards. A good comparison is South Korea. In 1970, Malaysia's Gross National Income(GNI) per capita was USD 380 as compared to South Korea USD 260. But 40 years later in 2010, Malaysia's GNI per capita was at USD 7,760 while South Korea had exceeded us by almost 3 times at USD19,890 (World Bank)

Malaysia's failure to compete is compounded by the horde of Malaysians leaving. Even the BN government concedes that 2 million Malaysians have left the country since Merdeka in 1957. Countless Malaysians have PR in foreign countries including present Ministers and former Ministers. No one blames the 2 million Malaysians for leaving when the present policies stresses more on politics of division and hate than results-oriented performance drive our best and brightest away.

A recent example is the unfair, harsh and humiliating treatment of temporary Chinese primary school teachers by reducing their benefits arbitrarily without any consultation. How much will it cost the Federal government to continue maintaining existing benefits or even increasing them to temporary teachers? I doubt that such costs will exceed the RM250 million National Feedlot Corporation scandal where money meant for rearing cows is used instead to purchase luxury condos.

Why allow the few cronies to earn extraordinary profits at the expense of 28 million Malaysians. For instance, it took RM 6 billion to build the North-South Highway. But the toll operators have collected RM 24.3 billion as at 31.12.2010 and yet can continue to collect toll till end 2038 and increase toll every year! As the toll operators have already made RM18.3 billion in profits, there is no reason why toll can not be abolished.

Even more talented Malaysians will leave if BN continues to blame the Chinese and minorities for the federal government's failed policies or use the Chinese threat to frighten the Malays. How can the Chinese be a threat to Malays when critical economic sectors such as banking, insurance, ports, highway toll concessions and infrastructure, transport, automotive industry, IPPs, sugar, rice, flour, plantation products, oil and gas are dominated by Malays?

We must grow up believing in our abilities, trusting each other and have faith that Malays and non-Malays can be world champions. Malays and non-Malay kids must grow up respecting each other as Malaysians and hating only corruption. 2000-9 is the lost decade of corruption where RM1,077 billion of "black money" was illicitly and secretly taken out of Malaysian.

Enough is enough! Let us implement policies that will stop corruption, wipe out poverty, attract back Malaysian talents so that Malaysia can be a high-income nation enjoyed by everyone regardless of race, religion or gender.

Instead of focusing on cronies, let us implement people-centric policies that are clean, fair, competitive and improves our standard of living.













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