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Subsidies amounting to RM33bil must reach the targets

Posted: 17 Nov 2011 12:30 AM PST

DAP National Deputy Chairman and MP for Kepong Dr Tan Seng Giaw presses the Central Government to ensure that all subsidies reach the targets, but not exploited by others such as the middle men.

On 17.11.2011, Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Lim Siang Chai told the House that the total amount of subsidies was RM33 billion for 2012. The targets included paddy farmers and fishermen.

Replying to Dr Tan's supplementary question, YB Lim says that the total amount of RM33 billion subsidies includes petroleum (RM17 billion), paddy and rice, electricity for the poor, farmers and fishermen. The allowance of RM1,000 to each family with monthly income of less than RM3,000 is only one off.

Naturally, giving subsidy is easy, but withdrawing it is very difficult. It is correct to help persons who truly deserve it such as the genuinely poor. Those who are able are encouraged to be self-reliant.Problems appear when those who manage these subsidies are inefficient,deviating from the targets.

For example, syndicates abuse petroleum subsidy. There are tourists who make the best of it as there are weaknesses in the management.

We must ensure that the offering and the receiving of subsidies of RM33 billion fit into the targets. We prevent wastage and irregularities.

Tan Seng Giaw

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