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Lim Kit Siang

Was Rahim Noor’s Perkasa speech warning of “a human rights wave” an open proxy shot in a battle of three Malaysian Prime Ministers?

Posted: 27 Oct 2011 09:33 PM PDT

Was the former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Rahim Noor's Perkasa speech warning of "a human rights wave" which would be like "a new religion" and threaten and erode the basis on which the nation was founded an open proxy shot in a battle of three Malaysian Prime Ministers about democracy, human rights and the [...]

Ex-cop: Why is the gov’t afraid to act on Gani Patail?

Posted: 27 Oct 2011 05:08 AM PDT

Malaysiakini Oct 27, 2011 A former senior police officer alleges that the Najib Abdul Razak administration is not willing to take action to form a tribunal against attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail for his alleged wrong-doings, following fears that it (the government) could also be similarly implicated in such crimes. Mat Zain Ibrahim, in his open [...]

Docile academics and the case of Prof. Aziz Bari

Posted: 27 Oct 2011 03:03 AM PDT

Written by Dr Lim Teck Ghee CPI Thursday, 27 October 2011 Minister of Higher Education Khaled Nordin, in his speech announcing the establishment of the National Council of Professors, reminded Malaysian professors to not only be "super gurus" in focusing on their respective careers but to contribute their expertise and participate in national life. The [...]

Who must bear responsibility for the deception delaying tabling the 2010 Auditor-General’s reports until after the end of the general debate on the 2012 Budget – Prime Minister or Chief Secretary?

Posted: 27 Oct 2011 01:09 AM PDT

Who must bear responsibility for the deception and sleight-of-hand delaying tabling the 2010 Auditor-General's reports on the annual and continuing "horror of horrors" of government financial hanky-panky, mismanagement and misappropriations of public funds until after the general debate in Parliament on the 2010 Budget (except for the official Ministerial winding-ups) is over? Is he the [...]

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