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GE 13 - Rakyat's Campaign - Volunteers for Pakatan & DAP

Posted: 10 Oct 2011 09:22 AM PDT

We have read the news and commentaries, gave our opinions and participated in the discussions. Now is the time to take action and reclaim what is rightfully ours. Be the Masters of Our Nation's Destiny…Save Malaysia !!!!

It is not enough merely to just vote. We need to participate in the Election Campaign. Help out - Be a Volunteer. GE 13 will be the 'toughest' yet. BN will 'throw everything' at Pakatan with the might of the 3Ms - media, money and machinery. BN will have the upper hand.

That is why Pakatan will need lots of Volunteers to cancel out BN's advantage. Spread the News - Reach Out. Many Malaysians are not politically conscious.

Lots and lots of voters do not access the internet, look for alternative news and/or attend ceramahs. They read the mainstream newspapers (Utusan, Star, NST, Sin Chew, etc.), watch the news on T.V. and go shopping for groceries on weekends. Many have no time, busy looking after the young and old. That is why BN has the advantage, tightly controlling the mainstream media - spewing out 'twisted' one-sided news and spreading falsehoods. Pakatan needs to overcome this major handicap by reaching out to our fellow Malaysians.

Teams of Volunteers are needed to accompany Pakatan candidates to compaign and distribute election campaign leaflets House to House and Door to Door.This alone would required lots of Volunteers. Volunteers are also needed for the following:

a).help voters check their status at the campaign operations center, ceramahs and other venues,

b). put up banners,

c). compile and distribute leaflets,

d). be polling and counting agents, (training details will be posted on this blog or facebook wall)

e). help out in logistics, etc., etc.

If you intend to be a Volunteer for Pakatan and make GE 13 a Rakyat's Campaign, please 'like' this facebook page. Politicians, party leaders and supporters are most welcome to 'like', especially current YB's. After all, we are working to get Pakatan candidates elected. Spread the News - Post this page on your wall on FACEBOOK and recommend to your friends.

Lets OWN GE 13. Power to the Rakyat! Thank you for volunteering.

Pakatan Rakyat's Websites:

Alternative News and Blogs:

Look out for updates and details of Pakatan Rakyat's Election Campaign Operation Centres.

Contact us at: DAP Kedah Office/Kota Darul Aman Service Center,
No. 15, Tmn. Perindustrian Ringan Kristal,
Mergong, 05150 Alor Setar, Kedah.

---------------or Tel: 04-7320648/Fax; 047330796.(office)
012-4852378----Sdri. Lim--------------------A. Setar
012-4021378----Sdri. Lim--------------------A. Setar
016-4432800----Sdr. Teh Seng Teik.-------Sg.Petani
019-4040998----Sdr. Vincent Chee---------A. Setar
012-4603838----Sdr. Dr. Lim Sin Keat----A. Setar
016-4197692----Sdr. Cheah Jiap Hoi.------A. Setar
012-4095956----Sdr. Eow Boon Keat------A. Setar
016-4699938----Sdri. Yeoh(Nancy).--------Sg. Petani
012-4232991-----Sdr. S. Neelameekan-----Lunas
019-4428511-----Sdr. Tan Kok Yew--------Lunas/Sg. Petani.

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