Lim Kit Siang

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Lim Kit Siang

Malaysia in the Era of Globalization #83

Posted: 25 Sep 2011 08:28 PM PDT

By M. Bakri Musa Chapter 10: Freedom, Justice, and the Law No person is perfect enough to be entrusted with the liberty and dignity of others. —Mahmoud Mohamed Taha (1909-1985) Sudanese Reformist, executed by his country's military rulers. I was visiting Malaysia after being away for many years. It was right after the race riot [...]

From Merdeka to Malaysia

Posted: 25 Sep 2011 04:28 AM PDT

KJ John Malaysiakini Sep 20, 11 When Malaya gained Independence, I was only seven years old and in Standard One. It was a repeat year for me, as my Dad had emplaced me in the primary one class with my older brother in 1956, but I could not be technically promoted. I was then moved [...]

Why we need English-medium national-type schools

Posted: 25 Sep 2011 04:19 AM PDT

— Lan Boon Leong The Malaysian Insider Sep 25, 2011 SEPT 25 — It was reported in the press last month that the Education Ministry is sticking by its decision to abolish the PPSMI policy of teaching and learning Science and Mathematics in English. The abolishment of the policy means that the two subjects will [...]

People power for a better media

Posted: 25 Sep 2011 04:13 AM PDT

— Paul Victor The Malaysian Insider Sep 25, 2011 SEPT 25 — People power knocked some sense into the mind of Prime Minister Najib Razak, forcing him to set up an election reform panel and announce the abolishment of the ISA and other draconian laws. There is absolutely no way Najib would have considered change [...]

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