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Lim Kit Siang

Inter-faith group says Jais raid an attempt to create religious strife

Posted: 08 Aug 2011 09:00 PM PDT

By Shannon Teoh The Malaysian Insider Aug 09, 2011 KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 9 — A non-Muslim inter-faith group said last week's raid on a church dinner was part of a "systematic and deliberate attempt by many of those who walk the national corridors of power" to create conflict among the different races and religions in [...]

Will Idris Jala please return the millions?

Posted: 08 Aug 2011 08:47 PM PDT

— Gomen man The Malaysian Insider Aug 08, 2011 AUG 8 — So the turnaround specialist, or best thing to happen to Malaysia Airlines, did not do such a good job after all. But Datuk Seri Idris Jala pocketed a few million short of RM20 million when he left Malaysia Airlines to become the Najib [...]

Betulkah pemastautin diberi hak mengundi?

Posted: 08 Aug 2011 08:47 AM PDT

— Aspan Alias The Malaysian Insider Aug 08, 2011 8 OGOS — Isu besar yang hangat diperkatakan hari ini ialah isu pendatang asing yang menjadi pemastautin telah diberikan kerakyatan dan terus diberikan hak mengundi. Ahli-ahli Parlimen pembangkang telah menghantar surat hari ini untuk mendesak persidangan Parlimen tergempar dipanggil untuk membincangkan isu seramai 1,600 orang pemastautin [...]

BN eyeing 25 winnable seats to regain Penang

Posted: 08 Aug 2011 04:42 AM PDT

Athi Shankar Free Malaysia Today August 8, 2011 GEORGE TOWN: Confidence is running high in Penang Barisan Nasional (BN) camp nowadays. If the intelligence reports are anything to go by, BN should win enough state seats in the next general election to wrest the Penang government from Pakatan Rakyat. It is learnt that the intelligence [...]

Bursa bleeds another RM31b in global carnage

Posted: 08 Aug 2011 04:33 AM PDT

By Yow Hong Chieh The Malaysian Insider Aug 08, 2011 KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 8 — Malaysian stocks continued tumbling today with an estimated RM31 billion in value shed from Bursa Malaysia, as jittery investors spooked by concerns about the global economic outlook continued to dump shares. After the sustained sell-off today, sparked by concerns over [...]

Tambatuon dam: A question of need

Posted: 08 Aug 2011 04:28 AM PDT

By Dr Edwin Bosi Suddenly Malaysia is concerned about food security. In Sabah, food security is been used to justify for the construction of a controversial multi-million ringgit Tambatuon dam in the district of Kota Belud. But Malaysia's quest for 100% self sufficient in rice appears to be bleaker by the day. Under the 5th [...]

Who killed Teoh Beng Hock?

Posted: 08 Aug 2011 01:55 AM PDT

The burden of proving that Teoh's death was an accident lies on those who had held him at the MACC By N H Chan Recently (see my article "If you put the cart before the horse" or "Cart and Horse" depending on where you have read it), I wrote about the unfounded conclusion of a [...]

Goldman Sachs cuts Malaysia’s GDP forecast

Posted: 08 Aug 2011 01:05 AM PDT

By Yow Hong Chieh The Malaysian Insider Aug 08, 2011 KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 8 — Malaysia's exposure to global markets, especially in Europe and the United States, as well as its budget deficit, is likely to hamper economic growth until next year, with international investment bank Goldman Sachs downgrading today its GDP forecast for the [...]

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