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Lim Kit Siang

No regrets

Posted: 10 Jun 2011 11:39 PM PDT

By Hirobella June 11, 2011 | The Malaysian Insider JUNE 11 — I have been following closely articles written by like-minded people like me who chose to leave Malaysia and others who chose to stay. For those who have chosen to leave or about to leave the country, someone like me can easily identify with [...]

Taib Mahmud should go on leave until MACC has cleared him of grave “grand corruption” allegations

Posted: 10 Jun 2011 11:26 PM PDT

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has confirmed that it is currently investigating Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud over allegation of timber corruption. Its chief commissioner, Abu Kassim Mohamed said two days ago that the commission was in the process of gathering more information regarding the matter. Is "gathering more information" tantamount to a [...]

DAP Dayak Brain Trust to advise DAP Sarawak and DAP Malaysia to end Dayak marginalisation

Posted: 10 Jun 2011 11:23 PM PDT

I just returned from a visit to Beijing and Xi'an. Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi province and home to the Terracotta Army, has a history of more than 3,100 years. It was the seat of power of 13 dynasties in China, most notably Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui and Tang. One thought struck me when visiting [...]

Can we trust you, Najib?

Posted: 10 Jun 2011 05:52 PM PDT

by Walter Chan The Malaysian Insider Jun 10, 2011 JUNE 10 — So it looks like election season is in the offing, judging by politicians making statements here and there. I am especially interested in statements attributed to Prime Minister Najib Razak as reported in The Malaysian Insider. Apparently he was speaking to some residents [...]

Ku Li calls for RCI on power deals

Posted: 10 Jun 2011 05:37 PM PDT

The Malaysian Insider Jun 10, 2011 KUALA LUMPUR, June 10 — Veteran politician Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah today called for a royal commission to probe Tenaga Nasional Berhad's contracts with independent power producers (IPPs), saying the lopsided deals may be burdening consumers. "The commission must investigate and propose the best suitable measures to be taken by [...]

Kit Siang, Soi Lek agree race column outdated

Posted: 10 Jun 2011 04:40 PM PDT

By Melissa Chi The Malaysian Insider Jun 11, 2011 KUALA LUMPUR, June 11 — Political foes Lim Kit Siang and Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek have unanimously agreed race columns should no longer exist on identification papers such as birth certificates and identity cards (IC). The DAP parliamentary leader said he does not see [...]

Anak Malaysia

Posted: 10 Jun 2011 08:54 AM PDT

By Kalimullah Hassan June 10, 2011 | The Malaysian Insider JUNE 10 – Funny, isn't it? It's not easy to be categorised as anak Malaysia in Malaysia. Fact is, it's impossible to have your official documents state that you are a Malaysian. I admire Hannah Yeoh and her husband Ramachandran Muniandy's attempt to list their [...]

Mat Zain wants PM to call for tribunal against AG

Posted: 10 Jun 2011 08:46 AM PDT

By Hafiz Yatim Jun 10, 11 | MalaysiaKini Former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Mat Zain Ibrahim slammed the operations review panel of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission today for clearing attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail of any wrongdoing in the haj trip he took with an allegedly shady character named Shahidan Shafie. Mat Zain has also called [...]

Twitter Power – Tambatuon dam controversy – Why MP Kota Belud never visited kampong? (5)

Posted: 10 Jun 2011 02:20 AM PDT

Twitter sequel Part 5 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 dredwinbosi Jun 07, 12:33am @mpkotabelud @limkitsiang Food security should not be an issue if we don’t have a surge in pop of legalised illegal immigrants. dredwinbosi Jun 07, 9:00am @mpkotabelud @limkitsiang@junzwong Tambatuon is already a natural tourism attraction, no need a man-made lake. [...]

Kit Siang, Kota Belud MP in 2-week dam debate

Posted: 10 Jun 2011 09:08 PM PDT

By Shannon Teoh | June 10, 2011 The Malaysian Insider KUALA LUMPUR, June 10 — Although Parliament resumes on Monday, Lim Kit Siang and Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan have not ceased a two-week Twitter argument over the construction of a dam in the senior Umno backbencher's constituency. The two have been at it hammer and [...]

Notice of urgent Parliamentary motion next week on second MACC death esp report that Sarbaini had “no unusual or extraordinary wealth”

Posted: 09 Jun 2011 11:05 PM PDT

I have today given notice to the Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin to move an urgent parliamentary motion next week on the second Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) death since its establishment on 1st January 2009 – senior custom officer Ahmad Sarbaini, another mysterious fall-from-height death at MACC premises at Jalan Cochrane on April 6. My [...]

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