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国阵霹雳州政府是众所周知宣布制作从未兑现的大型 "空中楼阁" 项目。这些上万元,上亿元的项目包括铝工厂,海湾石油工程,国际清真肉类中心,怡保蘇丹阿兹兰沙机场的航空游览,在端洛建设拥有个人飞机的豪华住宅,从红树林棕榈树生产乙醇(尼帕)和海藻项目等等。










Perak Eco Industrial Hub is another “pie in the sky” announcement by BN perak Government.

Posted: 29 May 2011 10:51 PM PDT

Media Statement

Perak Eco Industrial Hub is another "pie in the sky" announcement by BN perak Government. Dato' Seri Zambry bin Abdul Kadir should prove himself by solving the simplest of the state problems like public transportation in his own house district of Manjung and issuing titles for renewal of expired leases within 1 month as was done by the PR Perak State Government.

The announcement by Dato' Seri Dr. Zambry bin Abdul Kadir, BN Menteri Besar of Perak that an Eco Industrial Hub will be set up in Perak is another BN Perak Government's "pie in the sky" announcement.

BN Perak Government is well known for making "pie in the sky" announcements of mega projects that never materialize. Amongst them, multi-million and multi-billion ringgits projects such as the Aluminium Plant, Gulf Petroleum Project, International Halal Meat Hub, Aerospace Tourism from the Ipoh Sultan Azlan Shah Airport, building luxury homes in Tronoh where residents own personal planes, producing ethanol from mangrove palms (Nipah) and the seaweed project. The list can go on.

BN Perak Government tries to give the impression that it has brought much development to Perak to deceive the people when in fact it has failed to do so. An inquiry from an interested investor is announced as if the project is taking off in Perak.

The PR Perak Government announced a project only after the details have been worked out and the project is ready to be launched.
BN Perak Government under Dato' Seri Zambry cannot even solve the simple transport problem of his home district of Manjung.

The BN Government has announced last year that the public bus service will start operating at the beginning of this year but we see nothing out of the announcement though we are entering the month of June.

PR Perak Government has cut down unnecessary procedures and was able to issue new titles for renewal of expired land leases within 1 month after an application is made. I have received numerous complaints that such titles could not be issued even though 2 years have lapsed under BN rule.

I call on Dato' Seri Zambry to actually serve the people rather than making rosy announcements to deceive the people . I hope the people can see clearly that the BN grab of power in Perak is for power and not to serve the people.

Dated 30th May 2011

Ngeh Koo Ham

Assemblyman for Sitiawan
MP of Beruas
DAP Perak Chairman

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