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Hannah Yeoh

Focus on the family

Posted: 22 Apr 2011 10:07 AM PDT

This month, my focus turns to families. Focus on the Family Malaysia, a smart partner of the National Population & Family Development Board (LPPKN) approached my office and asked if I was keen to participate in their Couple Checkup program. This Couple Checkup (details of which you can find in the column below) is now made available to residents of DUN Subang Jaya for free!! (the ordinary price is RM60 per couple). I am once again channelling the state allocation provided by the Selangor State Government for programs in Subang Jaya back to the people. It is my hope that married couples would seize this opportunity to participate in this program. The Checkup report would be given to each couple to assist them in improving and enriching their marriage.

Marriage is the oldest and most sanctified institution in our society. Subang Jaya residents are often busy with work, activities for their children and friends. Sometimes these can cause stress on our marriages. I am married too, so I understand the demands of work which can subtly come in between husband and wife. When marriages are healthy and fulfilling, we become more productive in our work and our children will be blessed. A stressed marriage can have negative impact on our children. 

I am constantly finding ways to improve the lifestyle of residents in this constituency. Whilst MPSJ focuses on improving infrastructure facilities, I hope to play my part in improving the areas less talked about (which are equally important to a thriving neighbourhood).

So please make full use of these benefits, limited to first 100 married couples only. You will need to sign up at my office (both husband and wife). Addresses must be verified to confirm that you're a resident in this constituency and then collect a voucher which provides the password for the test to be done. You will be given private space to do this test in my office. Contact person is my assistant, Debbie Phang -

Whether you're newly married or will be celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, this test will benefit you! Suitable for all races.

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