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Lim Kit Siang

Part IV: Crime – Raw stats or real story?

Posted: 26 Mar 2011 02:41 AM PDT

Celebrating Police Day! (4) By Martin Jalleh The rakyat was told that the government's battle against crime showed good results in 2010. Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein announced in May 2010 that his Ministry’s success in reducing the crime rate index for the first four months of the year had surpassed the initial target. Minister [...]

PR leadership must not allow the Carcosa sex tape caper to distract focus from the Sarawak general elections

Posted: 26 Mar 2011 01:20 AM PDT

The Pakatan Rakyat leadership must not allow the worst case of gutter politics in Malaysia – the Carcosa sex tape caper targeting Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim – to distract focus from the Sarawak general elections or those behind the latest political conspiracy would have achieved one of their objectives. With nomination for the Sarawak elections [...]

Part III: Firestorm over fatal police shootings

Posted: 26 Mar 2011 12:11 AM PDT

Celebrating Police Day! (3) By Martin Jalleh There was deep concern and consternation throughout 2010 over what the public viewed as the growing "shoot-to-kill" culture by the police force or what R. Sivarasa, the MP for Subang, called "a culture of impunity". "It means that they feel that they can do as they wish and [...]

Why are porn video purveyors, pedlars roaming free?

Posted: 26 Mar 2011 12:15 AM PDT

by P Ramakrishnan We have laws to curb the circulation of pornographic material. We have a vigilant police force to raid pornographic outlets and enforce law and order. We have a judiciary that shows no mercy to those indulging in the sale of pornographic videos to guard the moral sense of the society. We have [...]

Part II: Burgeoning Brutality by the Men in Blue

Posted: 25 Mar 2011 11:42 PM PDT

CELEBRATING “POLICE DAY” (2) by Martin Jalleh 2010 was yet another year when the police were allowed to continue to operate in an environment of impunity when it came to their excessive methods in relation to arrest, detention and treatment of persons in custody. Two tragic episodes in the year made the culture of police [...]

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