Lim Kit Siang

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Lim Kit Siang

Petition to reform history education: act now

Posted: 06 Feb 2011 06:41 PM PST

By CPI We urge CPI readers and others to sign this important petition by a courageous parent. The petition calls on the authorities to act immediately to address the bias and shortcomings plaguing the Malaysian history syllabus and textbooks. Our younger generation deserve a broad, impartial and fair history in their education. They do not [...]

Malaysia in the Era of Globalization #52

Posted: 06 Feb 2011 06:38 PM PST

By M. Bakri Musa Chapter 7: Enhancing Human Capital People are the real wealth of nations. —UNDP Human Development Report 2001 One surprising observation following the American stock market meltdown of October 1987 was that there was very little change in the behavior of American consumers. The Dow Jones Index may have dropped by over [...]

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