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Hannah Yeoh

Valentine's Day

Posted: 13 Feb 2011 12:04 AM PST

As a Christian, I find the statement by JAIS reported in The Malaysian Insider  misleading.

It was reported : 

Jais pointed out that there were 257,411 births out of wedlock between 2000 and 2008, and blamed Valentine's Day celebrations as one of the causes.

"Therefore every Muslim, especially teenagers, must abandon the tradition of celebrating Valentine's Day, which was meant to corrupt the Muslim community," it said.

"Remember that the Jews and Christians would continue to deceive Muslims. They will do everything undermine the Muslims' belief and personality," said the sermon.

I believe in proper and inspired education to tackle social ills and I respect the need for JAIS and for any other religious authority (as they deem fit) to instruct, teach and guide members of their faith. However, information if not given accurately is misinformation, and such misinformation coupled with ignorance will further divide Malaysians of different races and religions. 

The two greatest commandments which all Christians are exhorted to live by are, firstly to love God with all our heart, soul and mind and secondly, to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. I encourage JAIS to consider engaging in honest dialogue with representatives of the Christian body in Malaysia as well as those of other faiths in order to collectively learn the differences of man-made traditions and Godly truths so as to avoid a recurrence of such attempt of gross misinformation.

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