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Charles Santiago

Freeze Taib Mahmud’s Assets Pending MACC Investigations Into One of the Biggest Crimes in Malaysian History.

Posted: 22 Feb 2011 12:24 AM PST

The list of 49 foreign companies owned by Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud as released by the Bruno Manser Fund in Basel, Switzerland, represents an extraordinary claim of corruption and unscrupulous business deals involving the long-time politician.

The discrepancies show that he has amassed assets in eight countries worth billions, a far cry from what someone could afford with an elected public official's salary.

Also among the accusations are authoritative reports of kickbacks from Japanese companies and RM4.8 billion of unaccounted Sarawak state money that has gone missing in the past three years.

In the midst of this alleged mass profiteering, Sarawakian natural resources and native customary rights (NCR) lands have been greedily used to profit a few at the detriment of the entire state’s development.

It is disconcerting that Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has not acted on these claims despite several reports that have been lodged in recent history. What more does the MACC need to galvanise the machinery of justice to investigate what could possibly be one of the biggest crimes in Malaysian history?

Moreover, the Chief Minister himself has chosen to remain quiet on the matter. Although one is innocent until proven guilty, as a public official the Chief Minister should release the relevant budgetary and expenditure documents as a matter of public record for scrutiny.

The MACC should freeze Chief Minister Taib’s domestic assets and look into how it can freeze his foreign assets whilst it conducts a thorough investigation into the claims as a matter of national interest.

Furthermore, the MACC should focus on unravelling the intricate and wide web of relationships and wealth accumulation infrastructure that have aided, abetted and colluded with the Chief Minister to enable this alleged grand heist.

I call upon the relevant authorities to investigate these claims swiftly and commence proceedings against those who have may have committed or assisted these crimes.


Charles Santiago

Member of Parliament, Klang.

தமிழர்களைத் தெரியாதோ?

Posted: 22 Feb 2011 12:07 AM PST

மூலம் :- மலேசிய நண்பன்



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