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Hannah Yeoh

Balik Kampung-Rumah Selamat program 2011

Posted: 20 Jan 2011 07:58 AM PST

Message from SJ Alert :

Please take note that this Service is provided absolutely free by PDRM and SJ Alert

Further to the Official launch of the Balik Kampung – Rumah Selamat Campaign at Summit USJ by YDH DIG Datuk Hussin Hj Ismail on Sunday 16/01/2011.

SJ Alert pleased to announce that you can now register for Balik Kampung Rumah Selamat On-line at:
Kindly be advised that On-Line registration will only be accepted by SJ Alert up to Tuesday, 01/02/2011 at 5.00pm. Registration after this time may not be recorded.

You can also register directly at the Balai Polis near you by using the official Borang Maklumat readily available at all participating Balai Polis.

Just a reminder, do register early so that the Polis can plan their Patrols efficiently, do not send in your registration at the very last moment.

If you are driving this Chinese New Year, please do so safely and remember to get your passengers seated at the rear of the car to buckle up.

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