Lim Kit Siang

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Lim Kit Siang

Reconceptualising federalism

Posted: 27 Dec 2010 08:12 PM PST

By Azly Rahman "… Democratic and aristocratic states are not in their own nature free. Political liberty is to be found only in moderate governments; and even in these it is not always found. It is there only when there is no abuse of power. But constant experience shows us that every man invested with [...]

Questionable measures taken to improve the standard of English amongst Malaysian schoolchildren

Posted: 27 Dec 2010 08:19 AM PST

Letters by Mrs. Sheela R Dear Mr. Lim, The government has promised concrete measures in improving the standard of English taught to Malaysian schoolchildren, with the demise of the PPSMI. (“Teaching of maths and science in English”) . As a mother of three schoolgoing children, I have serious misgivings that the government is sincere in [...]

Lessons from WikiLeaks for Malaysia

Posted: 27 Dec 2010 07:42 AM PST

by AB Sulaiman Malaysiakini Dec 27 10 COMMENT In the last few weeks, WikiLeaks has been the focus of the world’s attention. Founder Julian Assange has followed the principle that a government might have secrets but these are not to be used to cover abuses. Bad government is bad for the country; that seems to [...]

The LoyarBurok Book Review: “Perak – A State Of Crisis” – An Unabashed Self-Indictment By The BN Government Of Its Undemocratic Takeover Of Perak

Posted: 27 Dec 2010 12:13 AM PST

By NH Chan 27 December, 2010 [LoyarBaca's first publication Perak: A State of Crisis (PASOC) has been a runaway hit and will soon be in Malaysia's major bookstores through leading indie, activist distributor, Pak Chong's GerakBudaya. We have sold out copies at hand for the moment (2nd impressions are on the way), but you may [...]

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