Lim Kit Siang

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Lim Kit Siang

Just how dangerous is pluralism really?

Posted: 22 Dec 2010 07:11 PM PST

by Farah Fahmy The Malaysian Insider December 23, 2010 DEC 23— Just when you think public pronouncements can't possibly get any worse in Malaysia, along comes the recommendation that Jakim should provide some sort of definition of our various festivals and celebrations so that Muslims can steer clear of the virus of religious pluralism. Intrigued, [...]

Utusan’s got 14 days to apologise to Guan Eng

Posted: 22 Dec 2010 04:11 AM PST

The Malaysian Insider December 22, 2010 GEORGE TOWN, Dec 22 – Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has given Utusan Malaysia two weeks to apologise before he takes the daily to court. Lim's lawyer, Jagdeep Singh Deo, told reporters today he had sent a letter of demand to the national Malay newspaper yesterday asking it [...]

The future!! Happy people!? Beautiful country!?

Posted: 22 Dec 2010 01:46 AM PST

By Ahmad Mustapha Hassan The Malaysian Insider December 22, 2010 In the 50s and the early 60s, when I was actively involved in the struggle for independence, I was more than convinced that with independence the country would experience a future full of promise, stability, prosperity, with a happy and united nation. During the colonial [...]

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