Lim Kit Siang

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Lim Kit Siang

The prerogative of choice

Posted: 04 Nov 2010 10:12 PM PDT

by Goh Keat Peng This we have to admire about the more established democracies: that there is no monopoly about which party will form the government of any level. The two or more main parties or coalitions of parties have reasonable chance. The people are not saddled effectively with just one choice. In recent times, [...]

Broke and broken – should P. Ramlee have come back?

Posted: 04 Nov 2010 09:53 PM PDT

Letters by The Ampas Man Question: Di Mana Kan Ku Cari Ganti? Answer: Not in Malaysia Those who watched the heart-wrenching P. Ramlee documentary on the History Channel on 31st October 2010 must have gone to bed with a heavy heart. It transpires that Malaysia's one and only film icon had died penniless and shunned [...]

Happy Deepavali to all Malaysian Indians

Posted: 04 Nov 2010 06:50 PM PDT

Wishing Happy Deepavali to all Malaysian Indians. Despite obstacles and setbacks, the battle of good against evil and light against darkness must be unremitting and unceasing. Take courage for the night is darkest before dawn Download as PDF

An unconvinced Kit Siang to sue Berita Harian

Posted: 04 Nov 2010 04:39 AM PDT

By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal The Malaysian Insider KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 4 — Lim Kit Siang is going ahead to sue Berita Harian for saying he remarked "orang Umno kafir" or infidels, saying he remained unconvinced with the Umno-owned Malay daily's admission of error. The DAP adviser claimed that the "correction" by the Umno daily did [...]

Berita Harian admits error over Lim’s ‘seditious’ remark

Posted: 04 Nov 2010 12:00 AM PDT

By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal The Malaysian Insider November 04, 2010 KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 4 — Berita Harian admitted today that it had made an error over remarks which it had attributed to DAP's Lim Kit Siang during a PAS ceramah at Singai Terah, Gua Musang on Monday. The Umno-owned daily had yesterday accused Lim of [...]

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