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Taman Subang Ria

Posted: 15 Nov 2010 03:39 PM PST

Brief chronology of the application by Sime Darby to develop Taman Subang Ria :

April 2009 : State Planning Committee gave approval in principle to Sime to develop 19 acres out of 72.63 acres. Balance of 53.63 acres must be upgraded and surrendered back to the State Authority as a public recreational park. [Note : this is still subject to a detailed submission of the application to MPSJ]. 

June 2009 : Hearing for the Draft Local Plan in MPSJ. MPSJ accepted the residents' suggestion to gazette the full 72.63 acres of the park as a recreational park.

February 2010 : Objections by resident groups were submitted to MPSJ after Sime has submitted an application to MPSJ to subdivide and convert land use of the park [Note : this is not a detailed application to develop the park]. 

March 2010 : Menteri Besar releases classified information on Taman Subang Ria particularly on how the land title for the park landed in Sime's hand.

April 2010 : Menteri Besar met about 600 residents of Subang Jaya in Holiday Villa for a dialogue session. At the dialogue, Menteri Besar agreed to conduct a valuation report on the costs of acquiring the park and to have it discussed at a second dialogue to be held in June 2010. There was a delay in the presentation of the valuation report. 

May 2010 : MPSJ rejected Sime's application to subdivide and convert land use of the park on the basis that it was inconsistent with the gazetted Local Plan. 

October 2010 : I was informed that Sime has appealed to Lembaga Rayuan (Appeals Board) in May 2010 against MPSJ's decision to reject their application. We immediately arranged for residents to file an intervener at Lembaga Rayuan, Derek Fernandez will be representing the residents for the hearing on 28 December 2010. Some inconsistencies have been found in the gazetted Local Plan and you can read more about it here.

November 2010 : I have been informed that the valuation report has been tabled to the Selangor State Executive Councillors and that the Menteri Besar is ready to meet the residents a second time via a dialogue to be held in December 2010.

My position : The decision by the State Planning Committee in April 2009 is inconsistent with Local Agenda 21 and lacks transparency and accountability to the people and should be nullified. No consultation was done by the Committee prior to this decision. The inconsistencies highlighted in the Local Plan are a cause for concern and I have notified the State Executive Councillors on the discrepancies. The Menteri Besar must investigate the inconsistencies and hold the culprit responsible. Sime Darby on the other hand (whose substantial shareholder is the Federal Government : AmanahRaya is wholly owned by the Federal Government) should listen to the voice of the people and return the park back to the people.

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