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Lim Kit Siang

Top law student at Cambridge University is Malaysian and latest example of costly brain-drain which Najib’s 2011 Budget has done nothing to resolve for country to become high-achieving and internationally competitive

Posted: 18 Oct 2010 09:51 PM PDT

Congratulations to Ipoh-born 23-year-old Tan Zhong Shan who has emerged as the top student in his final-year law examinations at Cambridge University. In a report headlined "Malaysian is top law student at Cambridge University", the Star today reported that Tan obtained a first-class honours in the Bachelor of Arts (Law) in June this year at [...]

2011 Budget – Eulogy for NEM and relaunch of Mahathir economic model (Part 4 of 4)

Posted: 18 Oct 2010 01:38 AM PDT

Human Capital Issues The allocations announced in the Budget for human capital development are indeed impressive. However, the question arises if the nation will get value for its money. There can be no denial of the fact that the Malaysian educational system is in disarray. Standards have fallen dramatically. Our universities turn out graduates who [...]

2011 Budget – Eulogy for NEM and relaunch of Mahathir economic model (Part 3 of 4)

Posted: 18 Oct 2010 01:40 AM PDT

The Pivotal Role of the Private Sector Much was made in the ETP presentation about reinvigorating private investment, with 92% of the total projected investment of US$444 being investment by the private sector. These expressions are repeated in the Budget Speech. However no details have been provided as to how this target is to be [...]

2011 Budget – Eulogy for NEM and relaunch of Mahathir economic model (Part 2 of 4)

Posted: 18 Oct 2010 01:39 AM PDT

Recent Economic Performance & Prospects In the formulation of the Budget for 2011, the Prime Minister made the claim that the Malaysian economy had recovered from the global economic recession. In an act of self congratulation, he attributed this to the proactive measures taken by the Government through the RM 67 billion stimulus package. He [...]

2011 Budget – Eulogy for NEM and relaunch of Mahathir economic model (Part 1 of 4)

Posted: 18 Oct 2010 01:28 AM PDT

The Budget presented by the Prime Minister was a eulogy for the death of the New Economic Model. It provides a clear confirmation that this Government is incapable of living up to the rhetoric of reform that it had vigorously promoted over the past year. The slogans and feel good speeches crafted by highly paid [...]

Neo-Maya, Neo-Malaya

Posted: 18 Oct 2010 01:12 AM PDT

By Azly Rahman \Verily… the evolution of modern man can be characterized by his worship of the monolith and in building tall structures so that not only he may reach the heavens and touch the gods, but become avatars and demi-gods and enslave fellow men — as those who owns those towers of powers and [...]

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