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Hannah Yeoh

Assisting residents of Mutiara Perdana apartment in PJS 7

Posted: 04 Oct 2010 09:13 AM PDT

At the press conference

Article from the Malay Mail  

Sewerage treatment plant mess

Thursday, September 16th, 2010 10:12:00
SUBANG JAYA: In today's modern centralised sewerage treatment systems, it is disheartening to know the management of Mutiara Perdana apartment in PJS 7 here still have to manage their own sewerage treatment plant.

Worse, the national sewerage concessionaire, Indah Water Konsortium (IWK), refuses to take over this service for the apartments.

"When we consulted IWK, they said our plant is not built in accordance to the specifications required and told us to 'fix' the plant first before it can be surrendered to them," explained the apartment's joint management body (JMB) chairman Amarjeet Singh.

With JMB, managing agent and MPSJ councillor for Zone 2, Edward Ling at the sewerage treatment plant

He said the problem was due to the developer failing to surrender the sewerage treatment to IWK, forcing the JMB to manage the plant themselves.

Amarjeet said the cost of maintaining the sewerage treatment plant could go up to RM30,000 annually.

"Right now, we can only afford to do corrective maintenance of repairs only if the plant breaks down, as monthly maintenance is too costly.The plant also consumes lots of electricity because its pumps are running 24-7. The power bill alone can cost us up to RM15,000 a year."

Asked about what changes were needed to comply with IWK specifications, Amerjeet said: "After we calculated the cost, we were surprised that the upgrading cost can shoot up to over RM100,000. The cheapest quotation is RM50,000."

And the JMB's problems don't end there - as some of the plant's pumps were stolen recently.

Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh said she had gone with the JMB for a meeting with the National Water Service Commission (Span) to seek viable solutions but found the only way was still to upgrade the plant.

"So now, the management is calling on residents and owners to come forward and chip in to a special fund for this upgrading purpose so they can finally surrender the sewerage treatment to IWK.

"This is for the benefit of residents as a properly maintained sewerage plant will reduce the possibility of recurring sewerage problems. I hope the residents will cooperate with the management."

There are 232 units in the apartment complex, with 70 per cent occupancy.

Yeoh also spoke up on the fencing problem around the perimeter of the apartments, which had caused concern among residents due to several trespassing cases.

She said her office had contributed RM3,000 from the State allocation to increase the height of the fence - adding three feet to the current five-foot-high fence.

 Examining the current fence

"Robbery and burglary cases are somewhat frequent because of the easy access. Last year, there were about 20 cases and another two to three cases were recorded recently."

Yeoh also chided the irresponsible developer, who has wound up and fled. She said since 2008, the apartment - which received the Certificate of Fitness (CF) in 2007 - was without electricity, water supply and even has an outstanding amount of water supply payments (due to installation of bulk meter earlier) which had since been sorted out.

"The Housing and Local Government Ministry should look into into issues of irresponsible developers abandoning properties, causing residents to suffer.

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