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Lim Kit Siang

When will Najib and his Ministers wake up and realize that the twin crisis of human talents and investments confronting the country are more than a matter of economics?

Posted: 25 Aug 2010 07:32 PM PDT

The Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed is quoted in today's press as saying that Talent Corporation has been tasked with attracting at least half of the 750,000 Malaysian professionals working overseas to come home as part of its efforts to draw the best brains in the world to Malaysia. Speaking [...]

Malaysia in the Era of Globalization #29

Posted: 25 Aug 2010 06:36 PM PDT

By M. Bakri Musa Chapter 4: Modern Model States The Relevant Lessons For Malaysia At first glance, Malaysians cannot readily identify with any of these three countries. Although they differ in a number of significant ways, nonetheless each has important lessons to offer Malaysia. The most obvious difference is that none of three countries have [...]

Acronym soup swamps Malaysia reform drive

Posted: 25 Aug 2010 08:31 AM PDT

Reuters Global News Journal Aug 25, 2010 Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak says he has embarked on a series of radical economic reforms. In reality it feels as if he has unleashed a barrage of incomprehensible acronyms on the unsuspecting public of this Southeast Asian nation. The charge for economic reform is being led by [...]

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