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Lim Kit Siang

Hudud laws and Islamic state are not Pakatan Rakyat policies

Posted: 21 Aug 2010 10:53 PM PDT

Questions have again been raised about the DAP and Pakatan Rakyat policies on hudud laws and Malaysia as an Islamic State. DAP's stand on Malaysia as a secular state has always been constant and consistent. Hudud laws and Islamic state are not Pakatan Rakyat policies. This is why there is no mention of these issues [...]

Penang PR joint statement on “Guan Eng gantikan Agong”

Posted: 21 Aug 2010 10:49 PM PDT

KENYATAAN BERSAMA PAKATAN RAKYAT PULAU PINANG DALAM MESYUARAT TERGEMPAR PADA 22.8.2010 DI KOMTAR, GEORGE TOWN. Mesyuarat tergempar PR dipanggil hari ini berikutan permainan isu "Guan Eng gantikan Agong" yang digembar-gemburkan oleh UMNO dan media massa. Permainan politik oleh UMNO ini adalah begitu karut kerana hanya orang tak siuman dan berniat jahat baru berani menggantikan nama [...]


Posted: 21 Aug 2010 06:56 AM PDT

Rev. Dr. Thomas Philips President MCCBCHST 21 August 2010 In the light of the latest, in an increasing line of provocative racist remarks, this time by a principal of a school in the state of Johor, MCCBCHST calls upon the authorities to take prompt, and appropriate action to demonstrate that such dastardly acts and words [...]

Forget about Talent Corporation and other transformation initiatives of NEM and TMP if Najib cannot stop extremist forces exploiting race and religion from rearing their ugly heads

Posted: 21 Aug 2010 12:18 AM PDT

This should be a special and unique month not only in the 53-year nation-building of Malaysia but the 18-month premiership of Datuk Seri Najib Razak as the theme of the Merdeka month celebrations from August 1 to September 16 is "1Malaysia Transforming the Nation" – first time after Najib's full-year premiership and less than six [...]

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