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Lim Kit Siang

If Najib’s 1Malaysia is to have real meaning, Siti Inshah should not only be removed from the education service, there should be no place in civil service for other Siti Inshahs

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 09:56 PM PDT

In the Permatang Pauh parliamentary by-election in August 2008, the Bukit Bendera Umno chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail referred to the Malaysian Chinese as pendatang, orang tumpang and totally untrustworthy Malaysians. In February this year, the special officer to the Prime Minister, Datuk Nasir Safar labeled Indians and Chinese in Malaysia as "pendatang", and added insult [...]

NDM-1 – is it the death knell for medical tourism?

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 07:41 PM PDT

Letters THE MEDICAL SENTINEL Medical tourism, long ostracized as an evil third world nations with limited health-care resources should not be dabbling in, may have finally met its fatal match. Last week, the British based, Lancet Infectious Diseases Journal reported the emergence of highly resistant bacteria carrying a new gene termed New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase (NDM-1) [...]

Patriotism, Mr Mayor, is not in flying a flag

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 03:43 AM PDT

By Thomas Lee Ipoh Mayor Datuk Roshidi Hashim has issued a ruling to all shops and business premises in the city to fly the Jalur Gemilang on National Day on 31 August and the state flag during the Sultan of Perak's birthday on 19 April if their want their business licences renewed. Roshidi said those [...]

Malaysia’s eight-year consecutive omission from World’s Top 500 Universities Ranking 2010

Posted: 15 Aug 2010 11:53 PM PDT

For the eighth year in succession, Malaysia has been left out of the World's Top 500 Universities ranking in the Shanghai Jiao Tong University's "Academic Ranking of World Universities ARWU 2010" released yesterday.   This is the latest proof that the long-talked about higher education reform based on meritocracy and academic excellence is not making [...]

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