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Lim Kit Siang

The Distracting Bilateral Issue of Maids

Posted: 08 Aug 2010 10:04 PM PDT

By M. Bakri Musa It is telling of the state of development for both Indonesia and Malaysia that when their two leaders met recently, the key topic was Indonesian maids. Malaysia wishes to import more while Indonesia wants better working conditions for its workers in Malaysia. I would have expected the two to discuss such [...]

The speech that wasn’t delivered

Posted: 08 Aug 2010 09:40 PM PDT

Aliran Friday, 06 August 2010 21:05 (P Ramakrishnan was supposed to deliver this address at an anti-ISA vigil in Penang on 1 August 2010, but before he could speak, four activists were arrested and police dispersed the crowd.) 50 years of ISA – Enough is enough! This is our 53rd year of independence. But for [...]

Are you at home, minister?

Posted: 08 Aug 2010 03:38 AM PDT

By Kee Thuan Chye COMMENT Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said this at the press conference in 2009 in which he defended the cow-head protesters: "In this day and age, protests should be accepted in this world, as people want their voices to be heard. If we don't give them room to voice their opinions, they [...]

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