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Hannah Yeoh

In Loving Memory...

Posted: 24 Aug 2010 08:07 AM PDT

On Sunday evening, I received a phone call that my aunty, Suet Fung has suddenly passed away. She was 47. 

Photo taken in 1983 : When I was a child, this aunty of mine loved to dress us up (my sister and I) and we spent a lot of time with her.

My aunty and I in Tasik Titiwangsa in August 1983

Happier times, photo taken at my wedding in 2008 : 25 years later, she never really aged.

She was always bubbly and genuinely happy to see me at our annual family reunion. She was always keen to listen to my updates in school, college, university, work, marriage and politics. I knew I could always count on her to share my joys!

Aunty Suet Fung worked her entire life for her parents and siblings. She left us very suddenly. This morning, we bid farewell to her. I have lost one of my great supporters in life and this simple tribute is done in memory of her. She will be missed dearly...

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