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Hannah Yeoh

Unelected "Penyelaras DUN & Parlimen"

Posted: 29 Jul 2010 03:21 AM PDT

Right after the General Elections in 2008, Barisan Nasional has appointed unelected politicians to be penyelaras DUN and penyelaras Parlimen in Subang Jaya. I have been informed that these 2 MCA politicians, who have received NO mandate from the people of Subang Jaya are in control of funds given by the Federal Government. My questions to the penyelaras DUN have not been answered. Funds from Federal Government are taxpayers money. How can huge sum of money like this be given to any unelected ordinary man/woman to use? I challenge them for the spending of these funds to be released for public scrutiny immediately.

Below is the article from Harakah Daily :

SUBANG JAYA, July 28: The presence of a so-called "facilitator" in the Subang Jaya state constituency has raised the ire of its popular assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh (right).

Hannah has questioned whether the self-claimed representative received the BN Federal government's allocation of RM500,000 which is normally set aside for elected representatives.

Clearly not impressed, Hannah yesterday took to task MCA Youth's Lee You Hin, who was said to be performing his 'routine service' at his office in Subang Jaya.

"Who appointed you to be penyelaras (facilitator) in my DUN?" she asked in a Twitter post.

"Is it true MCA appointees like yourself receive RM500,000 a year from Federal Government? How you used the money? Can you please declare?"

Among many of Hannah's unanswered questions is whether the "facilitator" was under the payroll of the Federal government.

The revelation is set to raise questions over the way public money is being spent by the Federal government through unelected politicians in an effort to deny funds for Pakatan Rakyat-held constituencies.

Hannah also lamented the constant harrassment she faced in her capacity as an elected representative, including being sidelined for school visits in preference for unelected BN politicians.

She cited a recent incident in which two schools in Subang Jaya withdrew their invitations to her.

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